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<script src="https://js.chilipiper.com/marketing.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
var cpTenantDomain = "picsart"; // replace with your subdomain
var cpRouterName = "pricing-page"; // replace with the router's name
var cpHSDataFormIDs = []; // if needed, add the data-form-id or keep empty to accept all forms.

window.addEventListener("message", function (event) {
   if (cpHSDataFormIDs.length > 0 && !cpHSDataFormIDs.includes(event.data.id)) return;
   if (event.data.type === "hsFormCallback" && event.data.eventName === "onFormSubmitted") {
       var lead=event.data.data.submissionValues;
       for (var key in lead) {if (Array.isArray(lead[key])) {lead[key] = lead[key].toString().replaceAll(",",";");}}
       ChiliPiper.submit(cpTenantDomain, cpRouterName, {map: true, lead: lead});